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[[ Let's play ]]


Ok let's do it.


Do I get candy even if I lose?

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That is Mister Samosa's house. He has free ice cream if you change into a swim suit.

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This is a Moriya site. Please remember to donate and pray to them. Donations of liquor are preferred, though just about anything is accepted.
Oh, images are always welcome to show your faith for these powerful and benevolent goddesses!

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Happy Tanabata nen! Do you have any wishes on this special day?


File: 1657205390637.jpg (111.95 KB, 850x600, __sonoda_umi_and_ayase_eli….jpg) IQDB

I hope all of my friends can reunite together someday


File: 1657220335852.jpg (932.07 KB, 2100x1536, __suzumiya_haruhi_nagato_y….jpg) IQDB

I wish for easy days ahead.

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Let's go stargazing. Is this thing on?




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ten nen GET

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