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Whalebote but also sakekitsune


Oh no I fucked it, I wanted it in the bote thread
Anyway kon kon kinyoubi


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You can always delete your post and move it to the correct thread. I do it all the time. No one will know~~


Everyone knows
Nen knows


nen has plenty of room for threads theres no worries about making new threads


File: 1685174077695.jpg (65.04 KB, 740x1000, 1684628876957.jpg) IQDB

I accidentally made this thread and I don't like making multiple threads on one theme because I don't want to be a bother to someone who doesn't like either the content or my style. It's a little golden rule of mine

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sigh lia




thinking about oldnen when people posted umineko


I want to post Umineko too! I was thinking of starting a thread but kept frogetting…

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sleepy hors reminds you to get to bed on time
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If you go to bed thinking about woofers then you might have a dream about woofers.


File: 1683901681902.gif (262.22 KB, 240x225, 240px-Anna_sticker.gif) IQDB

Very tired nen and the day has barely started.


Sigh, can you take a quick nennap?


File: 1684998906933.jpg (85.38 KB, 1280x720, Sasami-san Ganbaranai - 10….jpg) IQDB


Night night nen

File: 1663482303516.jpg (718.73 KB, 3840x2160, mpv-shot0015.jpg) IQDB


Does nen watch non-airing anime still
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File: 1684808269045.jpg (53.69 KB, 720x405, review_Madoka_Magica_The_M….jpg) IQDB


That's nenly


File: 1684876900157.jpg (395.6 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0070.jpg) IQDB

Watched this tonight.


I really liked rebellion i hope you enjoyed it too


File: 1684952358324.jpg (256.51 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0067.jpg) IQDB

I did!

File: 1667304468164.jpg (103.15 KB, 512x720, 2808r.jpg) IQDB


I want a thread for my favorite love live idol
She's the cutest and even her fanbase is good, she gets the usual idol doujinshi and on top of that there are a bunch of wholesome books about just her retiring and marrying and being a cute caring wife and I like that.
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File: 1684698833929.jpg (208.96 KB, 450x736, 63464104fbbb83915fe04a18d3….jpg) IQDB


File: 1684813556518.jpg (192.67 KB, 400x700, __toujou_nozomi_love_live_….jpg) IQDB


Wow nozomi is powerful


she's also really cute and charming


File: 1684947428115.jpg (375.54 KB, 750x1000, afc1532f18795327a171d2d592….jpg) IQDB

spiritual power

File: 1657021634692.png (4.32 MB, 1500x2086, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_m….png) IQDB


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File: 1680101777517.webm (648.55 KB, 720x720, 1680038464815691.webm) IQDB


nazrin is a mouse!


File: 1680108549787.jpg (144.14 KB, 1200x670, 106676283_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1680137192327.gif (312.3 KB, 530x320, 1528125403600.gif) IQDB


File: 1684697881260.jpg (108.67 KB, 1280x1280, b1f0da44ff2da3811eecc39e07….jpg) IQDB

File: 1684378069440.jpg (15.14 KB, 525x160, twc.jpg) IQDB


you guys excited?


not really


looks cool

File: 1678679248965.jpg (582.61 KB, 1447x2046, 101550642_p0.jpg) IQDB


Cinnamoroll and Miku.
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File: 1680746907006.jpg (105.59 KB, 750x526, 96983794_p0.jpg) IQDB


File: 1680799270437.jpg (157.21 KB, 1000x1417, 84955974_p0.jpg) IQDB


extremely cute


File: 1682469784057.jpg (872.08 KB, 1061x1500, __hatsune_miku_cinnamoroll….jpg) IQDB


File: 1684081890474.png (77.04 KB, 1200x1600, 107638580_p0.png) IQDB

File: 1657235749486.jpg (129.51 KB, 768x1024, FXC2It3UEAAeu-z.jpg) IQDB


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File: 1680881189691.jpg (555.63 KB, 2271x2271, Fs_UO-jWwAEhdCP.jpg) IQDB


En garde


File: 1683379084385.webm (1.01 MB, 708x1202, gamer cat.webm) IQDB


File: 1684072184853.webm (503.29 KB, 720x1280, panko ring.webm) IQDB


I wish I had a meow meow that could jump through 6 hoops at once.

File: 1677611299953.png (3.69 MB, 1920x1200, ef3f65f0df27a848a2488ce56c….png) IQDB

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Waiting for spring to arrive.
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File: 1683288816138.png (236.63 KB, 750x694, 20230502_073040.png) IQDB


File: 1683305474188.jpg (1.29 MB, 1447x2047, 107832789_p0.jpg) IQDB

Remember to provide snacks and other offerings to your local neighbourhood fox spirit friends on kon kon kinyoubi nen


File: 1683309737643.jpg (111.72 KB, 800x1294, 44d259a5cc83bc0d98f25cfd04….jpg) IQDB


Very cute image


File: 1683315632104.jpg (181.58 KB, 732x926, Screenshot_2023-04-29-02-1….jpg) IQDB

Suzu is the cutest from senko manga

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