Not-so-Frequently Asked Questions

(Last updated: 2023-04-12)

What is Kakashi Nenpo?

Kakashi Nenpo is an anonymous imageboard that initially started out as a joke "rival" of a similar website called Bunbunmaru. The original users are from Bunbunmaru and Ota-ch, both of which are spin-offs of 4chan's /jp/ board.

The main idea behind Kakashi Nenpo is to have a fun and friendly place for people to post pictures and talk about things they like. Things like Koukaku no Pandora, Excel Saga, Touhou, Mewkledreamy, and more!

An archive of the original board is available here: CLICK ME

When was Kakashi Nenpo created?

The original Kakashi Nenpo first opened to the public on November 16th, 2015, and was then closed June 12th, 2022.

This continuation opened July 1st, 2022.

What does "Kakashi Nenpo" mean?

The website's name comes from Kakashi Spirit News (花果子念報 Kakashi Nenpo), a newspaper run by Hatate Himekaidou from the Touhou Project series. It is a rival of Aya Shameimaru's Bunbunmaru Newspaper.

What is a "Nenmin"?

Short for Nenpo Admin. The person who made this site. Or the person who made the original site.

Can I make a banner for the site?

Yes! You can send your banners to

The banners must be:
1. 300x100 px in size.
2. Related to anime, video games, visual novels, and other otaku interests.
3. Completely non-lewd, and preferably cute.

How do I post anonymously?

Simply leave the "Name" field blank and you will be assigned a random name. The random name will change every time you submit a new post.

Information such as your IP address is only visible to the administrator. It will never be publicly available to anyone else.

How do I reply to and/or quote somebody?

To link to another post, click on that post's number to make it appear in your Comment field.
Example: >>1

To quote someone, place a ">" in front of the text you wish to quote.
>Like this.

Can I make a thread without uploading an image?

Yes, you can start a thread with text only. Not having to post an image is useful if you just want to post ASCII/Shift_JIS art.

Are there any special text formatting tags?


[b] bold [/b]
[i] italics [/i]
[u] underline [/u]
[header] header [/header]
[pink] pink [/pink]
[blue] blue [/blue]
[gold] gold [/gold]
[pure] pure [/pure]
[shobon] or [syobon] makes a Shobon (`ω`)!

However, they only work with one line of text.
So if you want your whole post to be bold, you need to
[b] use [/b]
[b] the tags [/b]
[b] separately [/b]
[b] on every line. [/b]

How do I post AA/Shift_JIS art?

Not yet...

How do I post a YouTube video?

Just paste a link into the "YouTube" field. It must be a full URL like this:

What are the supported file types I can upload?

Images: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
Video: WebM

Maximum file size: 10MB

How do I report a rule-breaking post?

Click the check button next to the post, and then click Report at the bottom of the page.

Or if you see something illegal, you can send an email to
This way the admin will be notified faster.

What is "sage"?

Entering "sage" into the Email field while replying will cause the thread not to bump to the top of the page.

What is "noko"?

By default you get redirected to the board's index page when you make a post. Enter "noko" into the Email field if you want to stay in the same thread after replying to it.

What is a "tripcode"?

Tripcodes can help verify a user's identity to others. To use a tripcode, type a "#" in the Name field followed by a password.
Example: "name#tripcode"
Upon submission, a unique hash to that particular password will be generated.

The above example would display "name!3GqYIJ3Obs", and would appear the same on many other imageboards.

If you want a more secure tripcode unique to Kakashi Nenpo, you can instead use two hash marks ("##").

What is IQDB? What is SauceNAO?

Not yet...

Can I change the board's default pink/purple theme?

Yes, you can select one of the different style buttons in the bottom right, for example [Yotsuba B]

What is the thread bump limit?

500 posts.

How do I delete my own post/thread?

When you submit a post, you have the option to enter a password in case you want to delete your post later. A random password should already be there, but you can enter your own. Please don't use anything personal though, since the board software doesn't encrypt passwords.

To delete your post, click the check button next to it, and then click Delete at the bottom of the page.