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Do you like ambient music? It is my favorite thing to listen to when I have had a bad day.



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I don't know if it counts as ambient music but I really enjoy Kashiwa Daisuke's discography. I also really like listening to OSTs when I'm trying to focus



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Loved this movie, though I still haven't gotten around to watching chikai no finale yet



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I finished Subarashiki hibi last night, really liked these 2 ED songs



like listening to this piano arrange compilation



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On Board Naglfar is one of my favorite songs out there! I also really loved the mood set by this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cYjCbEE6lU

Such a chilling note to end the whole thing on after pulling you out of the nice ends to Jabberwocky 2 and making you question everything again.


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The meow meow forecast said a front of awoo awooos is coming in



Is the penpen the little green guy or is it the birb.





love supercell and kapi


Somoku hodo played from the roof as the battle goes on dot empeethree
I couldnt get this thought out of my head for some reason.


dont gib up nen


ty i won't


I think I could listen to this song forever.


very nice song. i liked the kawai eri ed for the original anime adaptation. though my favorite kawai eri song is still her cover of the sketchbook colors ending. still sad shes gone…


Nice song. I love this person's animations too.



la la christmas


love fhana








Spice and Wolf has such a nice soundtrack.


I like it too.




love maaya sakamoto and escaflowne. really like the live version of this song when everyone in the venue is singing along to the chorus


playing the hits


Does nen like listening to osts? i really like the yagakimi one.


carnival friendtasm


Need to dance with my friends.


love mmd videos






thinking about how i need to try my best


I like doing my best sometimes, today I don't want to.


taking it easy today too going to get my nenpizza soon


i should replay the nasu vns


I'm going to replay the original Tsukihime soon, I haven't played it in some time now and I think it will be really enjoyable.


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I replay the original tsukihime every halloween…it is one of my favorite visual novels!! I hope you have fun!


That's so amazingly cool, ahhh I can't stand how exciting that is.


thinking about nitorifren and listening to mountain of faith arranges, the stage 3 theme arrange by halozy is one of my favorites





It's been some time since I watched this, I don't even recognize this song anymore. I definitely recognize the opening though, that's extra meow meows.



really like subway daydream since discovering them from the mou ippon op


It's a jammer









In memoriam.


Contributing to the memoriam. Rest in peace.


He made some interesting remixes besides his original work. I liked his rework of this Cornelius song. RIP


kano did a new cover nen




still my favorite song even if it sounds sad



Thank you for the animation of the i3C.



sigh lia




thinking about oldnen when people posted umineko


I want to post Umineko too! I was thinking of starting a thread but kept frogetting…

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