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>>6 's sister thread

Pages, panels, crops. Discussion?


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Just finished Tomo-chan is a girl. A fun and pure romcom with interesting characters. It had a healing effect on me.


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love that manga but never finished it. might pick it back up after the anime ends


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i find the ending really satisfying, you definitely should
and i think the anime adaptation is less charming, especially Jun, he is kinda inept?
not to mention they excluded some stuff, and will have to exclude more if they want to adapt all 8 volumes in 13 episodes


yeah but they got all the characters voices just how i imagined which is nice


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Read Hakobune Hakusho on a whim. The story fell apart towards the end but Miiko was really cute!

Yeah it's great when that happens, it can be quite off-putting when the voices don't match what you imagined. I imagined different voices from what ended up being cast for Maou-jou de Oyasumi (outside of the lead, but it's no surprise Inori Minase got that role) and found it difficult to get into the adaptation.


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really like this manga nen
apparently it'll be getting an anime this year.. can't wait for it


She moused up… cute

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